(Edit: Looking back on this post after I made it, I realized that “Pain” was probably not the best title lol)

I’ve always been really good at dealing with pain, but my back just started hurting again and I’m feeling mizzzz.

I know the doctor said that there will be good days and bad days, but today was a good day until just like less than an hour ago.
The worst part is though, I’m so anxious to do something…

Last night was super fun though!

And I think that’s why I’m going stir crazy today. And I even took medicine for the anxiety!

Last night my family and M and I went to play BINGO at the local Elks. We didn’t win any money but it was so much fun.

But today went a little different…

I lost my cool a few times and it was the wake up call that I needed to actually call to make an appointment to talk to someone. So now I have an appointment on Monday to hopefully make progress towards my getting my head better.

I’ve been reading Furiously Happy on my Kindle app and it’s really helping. If you have any mental health issues, and can read,  please buy this. Or even if you can’t read, use an audio book. Its so good. I had to excuse myself from the bedroom the other night M had to kick me out of the bedroom the other night because I couldn’t stop laughing while he was trying to watch Preacher. (PS- has anyone watched that show? It’s weird AF…)


I just wanted to get a quick post in today. Now that I’m less bedridden, I’m finding it harder to get posts in. But I’m trying, I promise! I think once the move is done then I might have some more down time. At least before I go back to work!

Happy Friday my lovelies, I think I’m headed to a penny slot place in town!