Well that was sad

I obviously did not finish my emotional eating journal, but I t’s not because I gave up! I discovered something interesting about myself on that journey that will stick with me forever. I don’t use food to curb my emotions, I use it to calm my anxiety. My relationship with food has been a tumultuous one but not because I eat when I’m sad- I eat when I’m anxious. If I feel myself getting anxious, I sometimes confuse it with low blood sugar and start wolfing down whatever I can. Same with if I feel a headache coming on, I get anxious about having a migraine and I start eating because for whatever reason my brain thinks that eating will stop a migraine. 

Since my break from writing, I’ve done a lot of self-discovery. I found that I work better when I have a plan in mind and that I need motivation to get anything done. I started Weight Watchers recently and I know it’s what’s right for me. I’ve done it in the past and had great success, but I’m not a kid anymore like I was when I first tried it. It’s going to take some work. I’ve found inspiration in seeing Matt’s cousin, Maimee, and her husband. In the last two years, they have lost a total of 130 pounds and are in a good place spiritually. They follow WW and workout every single day, but they also don’t restrict themselves from having fun. They have found the perfect balance and I am so envious. I cannot wait to get to that point in my journey. 

I’ve joined a Facebook group dedicated to helping people find inspiration and tips/tricks to lose weight and gain confidence. Those people are so encouraging and motivating that it’s insane. I have found my people for this new lifestyle. 

I know it may seem like I’m bouncing from fad diet to fad diet faster than most people change their underwear, but that’s part of the plan; you have to find what works for you and that takes time and exploration of what is out there. 

I hope that one day I can inspire someone as much as Maimee and Jesse have influenced me. 

But for now, I want to share a drink that Maimee told me about and I have been OBSESSED with ever since. It’s only 2 points on WW and tastes better than any other drink you could imagine getting at Starbucks (minus the Pink Drink which is amazing). I don’t have a name for it, but I have it saved in my WW app as “Protein Iced Coffee” because it is packed with 30g of protein to keep you feeling full and satisfied for hours. That, coupled with the espresso, make it my favorite drink. 

Protein Iced Coffee

  • 2 espresso shots (Starbucks or otherwise) in a large cup filled with ice
  • Your favorite flavor of Premier Protein. (Mine is Vanilla)
  • Optional: sugar free flavor shot

Once you have your espresso in the cup with ice, make sure you add more ice to your liking. I prefer all the ice, I love cold drinks. Then add the Premier Protein shake of your choice and boom, you have a delicious and nutritious coffee drink for only $2 and 2 WW points! 

What is your favorite WW recipe? Let me know on twitter or instagram @realtalkwithdee and use the hashtag #deesweightlossjourney




Obviously from the photo, I’m going to talk about inspiration. I was toying with the idea of waiting to post this until I had an actual following of people but this is certainly a topic that can be expanded upon in the future.

Inspiration can be found all around you or from within you. For the longest time, I thought I had lost my creativity but it turns out that it had just taken on a different form and required different stimulation. I don’t think that many people realize that as they age, creativity can change. There are some lucky few who can keep their level of creativity the same throughout their whole lives, and I envy them.

Now that I’ve discovered what triggers my creativity again, I want to share with you how I found my inspiration and how I harnessed its “powers.”

I was having trouble sleeping last night so I was just staring into the darkness thinking about my day and how truly crappy it had been when all of a sudden I had a huge wave of inspiration hit me. It crashed over me like the breaking waves in the photo above and I had to grab my phone and write everything down before I forgot it all. I had been hit with the same wave a few nights before but when I wrote everything down that I was thinking I didn’t leave any context so I all I was left was this weird list of blog topics that made no sense. But something about last night was different…

I don’t know if it was the intense narcotics that I was on (because of surgery, not recreational) or because I’ve been getting back into writing that it go my other juices flowing or what, but I woke up this morning with purpose and a mission statement in my mind for what I want to accomplish with this blog. I’m about to get off topic so lets just get back to inspiration….

Morale of the story is that you never know when inspiration is going to hit you so I always make sure that I carry around a note book, my iPhone, or my iPad Mini so that when an idea strikes me I can get it down asap. The notebook is crucial for me because its not always topics of writing that I find the urge to play with but drawing. I used to be very artistic as a child; I was very creative and had a mind for story telling and art but as I was saying, with age we lose those things. When I started dating M, he and his mother are both painters and are very creative individuals so I was inspired to reach back to my roots.

So with that very long intro, here are some tips that I have discovered work for me and I hope they help you find the inspiration you need for whatever project it is you’re working on.

1. Look back at your old work

If you were creative in the past, I recommend looking at your older work to draw inspiration from it whether or not its the medium you want to be working with. I’ve found that going back and looking at my old livejournal and tumblr posts gave me some inspiration in my writing outside the internet realm.

2. Look outside!

I’ve often found that when I’m feeling the creative bug but have no idea what I want to do with it, I just look outside. I guess it depends on where you live, but there’s so much life out there just waiting to inspire you. For me, I live in a farming town in the middle of Illinois so I have semi-beautiful surroundings to inspire me.

3. Search Pinterest

I know it seems obvious, but I have found more inspiration from Pinterest than I’m willing to admit. With the way that the world is now, everything is online so there is no excuses for lack of inspiration! I find just browsing through the “most popular” section or the “diy and crafts” section just to see what there is.

4. Look inside yourself

Like I was saying before, I found inspiration inside of myself last night and I can’t wait to get working on the projects I thought about. Sometimes just sitting in silence can bring about some of the best ideas you can have.

5. Go to a museum or even a craft store

Now this one depends on the type of inspiration you are looking for but I know when I have had the urge to make something but no clue what I wanted to do, going to a craft store helped me out immensely. Museums are a great way to get in touch with yourself because most of the time you have to be fairly quiet or at least thats the atmosphere in them so you get time to quietly contemplate the art and design around you and come up with ideas of your own.

6. Look  at other people’s work in what you want to do

I’ve found that when I’m at a loss for what to write or what to draw (my two favorite outlets) I’ll seek out the work of others to help me get inspired. This may not work for everyone because when you’re looking at work that is truly amazing, it can be discouraging.

As always, I hope that my input can help you find your inspiration and hopefully this gave you a little more insight into how my mind works. And of course if you don’t like me or what I write, please don’t read. I am not a professional so these are my own opinions.