Feeling extra emotional this evening. 

I miss my friends and family back home something fierce. 

I’m working at the rink I rarely work at and it’s making me realize how much I love my home rink. I am lucky enough to work with my significant other and some of the best people in the world. But being here, I miss Matt even though I saw him this morning. 

It’s national best friend day which makes me miss my best friend so much it hurts. 

I haven’t seen my parents in almost a year and I haven’t seen my sister in almost two years. I miss them all so much. 

But most of all, my emotional state is coming from this book. 

It Was Me All Along is a gut wrenching tale of a woman who used food in times of stress, loneliness, and heartache. As a big girl myself, I am finding a lot in common with this book and author. 

Today was my weigh-in day. I am sad to say, the number on the scale has not moved at all. But someone in the group that I am in on Facebook posted this quote today that really has lifted me up. 

So what you’re not where you want to be. At least you’re not where you used to be. Don’t let that discourage you, let it encourage you. All that matters is that you’re taking steps forward, so keep moving forward. Be proud of yourself. 

I’m not sure who it was that said that, but I needed it today. I’ve been killing it with my workouts this week and I’ve been tracking everything in WW. Even though the scale hasn’t moved, I’m doing what’s best for me. It’s a tough pill to swallow for sure but one that I need to remember. I’m doing everything right and everything in my power to become the person I was meant to be.  



Moving Away

Happy Saturday! I told myself I was going to use today as a “rest day” from doing any sort of work but here I am. I just can’t stay away!!


When did you move out from your parents house? When did you leave your hometown? Did you leave all your friends and find it hard to keep in touch?

Three years ago, M and I moved out to the Midwest. We’re both from different parts of California and it was the first time I had moved away from friends and family. It was time for me to move, I was in my mid twenties and my younger sister had just moved out.

So we made our way out here for M to go to school.

I’m not going to lie to you, I cried a lot the first few months. Heck, I still cry when I think about my family and how much I miss them. Where we live, my closest family is like 5 states away. Luckily M has family in the next state over so that’s nice.

But leaving your friends and family behind is very tough and that’s what I want to talk about.

My friends didn’t understand why I was moving half-way across the country with a guy I had only been with for 8 months.

The way I see it, you’re only young once and its in that time that you need to have adventures like that!

So if you’ve recently moved away, like you just got home from your first year of college and you miss your new friends, or maybe you’re getting prepared to leave for college and leave your friends and family. Or maybe you just decided to pick up and leave for a crazy adventure. I want to share my tips for staying in touch with family and friends when you leave your home town.

IMG_0246 [395758]

Tips for Staying in Touch When You Leave Home

1. Social Network!

I found personally, that apps like Facebook and Instagram are great ways to stay in touch and keep up to date with your friends and family back home. Now with Snapchat, it’s even easier to stay in touch. My mom just got a Snapchat (groan) and she won’t stop sending me snaps with those crazy face filters. Every morning I check Facebook and Instagram (my personal accounts) to check up on everyone from back home. Without Facebook, I would never have known that one of my friends from high school was pregnant with twins (eeeeekkk) or that the friend of the older sister of my friend was engaged.

2. FaceTime or Skype

These two (FaceTime mostly) saved me from going crazy when I missed my friends or family. my first Christmas away from home was probably the hardest thing (other than my parent’s birthdays and my sisters college graduation). Luckily my sister brought her Mac with her to Christmas and I was able to say hello and be there while everyone opened their gifts. It was like actually being there.

3. Save up and fly/drive home as often as possible

Since I moved here, I’ve been home…..twice I think? At least back to my home town. It’s VERY expensive to go home. At least for me. I have gone back to California a few other times but just not home. Any chance that you get to, if you can afford it, go home if you need to. Heck, while I’m on my leave of absence from work I would love to go home but a) my parents don’t live there anymore and b) shiz its expensive!

4. Make new friends but keep the old

Making new friends was one of the hardest things that I’ve done in a long time. But now that our time here is coming to a close (maybe) I find myself filled with saddness that I’m leaving the friends that I’ve made here. When you find yourself away from family for so long with only the friends you make, they turn into your family. Moving from home actually shows you who your true friends are. I was lucky enough to have a few stick with me. Sure some we tried to keep in contact, but it was impossible. Especially with the time differences. But making new friends is the best way to get past that (and that’s  whole post in its own, so more on that later…)

5. Learn to love your alone time.

Maybe use your new found alone time to start a blog? Maybe start a new hobby? Maybe finally catch up on Game of Thrones? Anything you want to do, you can. When we first moved here, I had so much free time that I knit a blanket, 3 scarves, and 4 coasters. When you find yourself left alone to your own devices, who knows what could happen. Hell, maybe you could find your newest passion!

So whether your find yourself in a new town away from your friends or family or back from your own adventure where you left friends and family behind, I hope these tips help a little. Because I know how hard it is to be in that position. But I promise, it gets easier!