Whoa it’s been a while

I am so sorry that I have been MIA. We have been non-stop packing and moving everything into the storage unit, having garage sales, fishing.



We bought a camper! We won’t be homeless by the end of the week like I was dreading!!! Instead we will be staying on my good friend’s property for a few day before spending a month at the campground that my parents have been staying at that I am just in love with. There are 2 lakes to fish from, a swimming hole with a beach, and a nice walking path. Plus it’s only one town over from where we’re currently living so I’m pretty stoked to stay near.

(So if anyone has an tips for full-timing it, M and I are open to tips!)

I’m hoping to re-do a few things in the camper, because its a pretty old thing but its nice. I’m so ecstatic about it.

Found a home √

Next task: find a new job.

So I’m sorry that I’ve been so distant. I’ve just been suuuuper super busy. Because between the moving and packing, I also have therapy and physical therapy. It’s been a wild last few weeks.

Once we get settled somewhere, I promise to have fresh content more frequently. I want to be much more active than I have been. And I’m sorry for that my loves!


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Carol’s Daughter!

I know I spoke yesterday about my skin care routine, but today I want to talk to you about my hair care routine.

I have curly hair (that I just chopped like 4 inches off of yesterday!) that have always had problems with. From a young age, I hated my curly hair. I would straighten it almost every single day.

Now, in my old age, I have finally embraced my curly hair. I’ve used Carol’s daughter for a while now and I love it. My first experience with the brand was about 4 years ago when a good friend of mine who worked at Ulta recommended it to me and I’ve been a loyal customer ever since! I recently bought some items from their hair milk collection and they really have helped revitalize my curls without weighing them down.

I was lucky enough to get a discount code from them to share with you guys, but act fast!

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