The Place Where Pancakes Go

So this is going to be the page where I talk about my severe pancake addiction..

Most of the places that I’ve had pancakes is out in the middle of nowhere Illinois, but I like to try pancakes wherever I go in my travels. I’ll try and make sure to put the address of the place of the pancakes.

  • Hy-Vee in Sycamore IL: 01594b062c143f062e5562c4de16afa45c18ac64c9M and I eat here pretty regularly and I always get their pancakes. They are fairly large and dense but the butter and syrup soak up into them so well that it turns them into syrup discs of delight and I just can’t get enough. I’ve told M multiple times that I don’t care where we live, as long as there’s a Hy-Vee around because not only is the store amazing (imagine Whole Foods and Costco had a baby) but the food is fantastic as well. [8/10]
  • Flippin Eggs in Dekalb IL: 019e42e5ba2da1aed0edf83d2772d32896d5d80d36When M and I first moved to Illinois, this was our first breakfast place that we fell in love with. They have deals all the time and promotions galore. Now we hadn’t been here in about 2 years so I guess my memory of their pancakes was skewed a bit because I thought they were a lot bigger than what you see here. As far as taste and texture go, they are pretty darn good but just not as fabulous as I remember them being a few years ago. In fact, this is the restaurant that made me want to start a blog dedicated to pancakes! So needless to say I was a tad disappointed with what I was handed it. Luckily their breakfasts are freakin huge so I had plenty of other food to satisfy my hunger. [6/10]
  • The Junction in Dekalb IL: 017a5a73baaa3f9e0f2f33a9da8db7edfb27765c76Once again, I hadn’t been here in a while and I was super excited to eat here again. M and I had to do laundry so we went to the only place that food next to a laundromat. Honestly, I’ve never been a big fan of the food here but I thought I would get some breakfast. Well I am happy to say that the breakfast was pretty good. I got scrambled eggs and honestly, they were gross but the pancakes were pretty darn good. Not the best I’ve ever had but I was happy with them. [7/10]
  • Page Street Diner in Sycamore IL:010c5262bcbd00e4ef9fcfc3e8221652ef4b690509OK, M had been wanting to try this place since my parents were staying in the campground. It’s like super tucked away and like a locals only place. Like when we walked in, I felt like such an outsider. But it was only for a split second. Everyone who works there is super nice and the customers all know each other. The prices were really good. But that’s not the best part by any means. THESE PANCAKES ARE THE BEST EFFING PANCAKES I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY WHOLE LIFE. There was like a little cornmeal flavor to them. They were like perfectly thick and soaked up the perfect amount of syrup. I just, I can’t say enough good things. We will for sure be going back there again. [10/10]
  • Sycamore Cafe in Sycamore IL01e64ec4e403a977bb4975d5539bb97da8f12e7345OK, I think it’s pretty obvious that I live near these towns. We haven’t really traveled too much recently because, yanno, we don’t have jobs. Anyways! We have been here before and I’ve enjoyed their food. I think they might be under new management because holy crap were these pancakes terrible. Their hollandaise sauce was good (M got eggs benni) and the eggs weren’t bad, the bacon was meh and the fruit was lacking. But that’s not what we’re here for; the pancakes were just the wort. They fell apart as soon as I cut into them and they just didn’t have a good flavor. I was very disappointed. [3/10]

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