Rant time

I’ currently working at the ice rink and there is a tournament going on. 

I got here at 10 this morning and was score keeping leading up to working at the front desk. 

Not all, but MOST of the coaches that I have dealt with today have been absolute pricks. If I tell you that the rule is you have to leave car keys or a drivers license with me, don’t fucking fight me on it. I don’t make the fucking schedule and its not my fucking fault that you didn’t read the board right. I did not make the locker room assignments for the day. I honestly don’t care that your kids have to walk across the lobby (maybe 40 feet wide) to get to the rink they are playing on. I literally just work at the front desk. The name of your team on the board is the team name that we were sent, I don’t care if its fucking wrong. I am sick of your shit.

Please kindly go fuck yourself.


There are kids running around the lobby of the rink. The rules are very clear and running is against the rules. I cant even tell you how many times I have yelled at the same children. When you bring your kids to a rink, or anywhere for that matter, please PAY THE FUCK ATTENTION TO THEM. I’ve actually given up on yelling at the kids because they just don’t fucking listen.

Ok I think feel better now. I know I’ll feel better. When I’m off work…



Some parent just walked back here like he owned the fucking joint and took his license back and left the key. THATS FUCKING ILLEGAL. I told him he couldn’t do that and he told me to fuck off that he had to leave. Dude just fucked up key privileges for his team for the weekend.


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