I have no original thoughts

Every day I come to this site and contemplate what I want to write.
And every day I leave with an empty head.

Part of me thinks its out of sheer exhaustion but another part of me thinks its because I just cant put into words how I’ve been feeling the last few months.

Ever since DJT decided to toss his name in the hat and run for president, I knew it was going to be a weird time. But I had no idea just how fucked we would end up.

I’m not poitical major, and I’ll be the first to admit that I love CNN and BBC, so I don’t know how good a judge of character I am. What I do know is that, in my life time, never have I seen such resistance to a POTUS. It’s absurd.

It’s early in the term for our president but after the protests, backlash, and resistance he has received I don’t know how long of a term he’s going to see. Of course I should give him the benfit of the doubt, its my job as an American to follow and put trust in our POTUS; but I’m fidning it more and more difficult to swallow my liberal pride and see the bright side.

I know I’m not alone. I see it every day. It’s hard to avoid. I can’t even walk through a store without hearing about it.

I know I should just block out the noise and the people fighting over Facebook about all this shit but it’s so hard because I still want my voice to be heard.

I wish I could join the movement, join the protests, join the resistance. I feel like a loser because I’m scared. I don’t know where to start. I want to donate to causes but I’m afraid I’ll donate to the wrong one and it ends up being some shady shit. I want to help my fellow human. I want to fight. I want to make this country liveabe and lovable again.

Anyways, I hope some part of this made sense. I’ve been dying to write for so long and, like I said, I get lost every time.

Real talk


via Daily Prompt: Resist


One thought on “I have no original thoughts”

  1. I was glad to read this because I have been feeling the same way. I have almost completely avoided Facebook for the last several months because of how disheartening it is. There is so much hate, on both sides, it’s really hard to watch. And equally as hard not to respond to certain things. But I really don’t feel like it’s living in the solution or acting out of love. Thank you for sharing your voice and being honest! Xoxo

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