Why I changed the name

I want to and need to be more serious about my postings. Even though it’s been tough to find the time to write, I have a thousand ideas written in Notes and ready to be brought to fruition. 

I felt the name of my blog wasn’t a true interpretation of what I want it to be about. As many of you know, I’m real af and have no problem speaking my mind. And that’s what I want my brand to be. No faking. Just me. 

So last night, at a hockey game no less, I decided to change the name. Matt was a little miffed that I missed most of the second period but whatevs. It needed to be done. 

This is the new name. I’m not 100% sure I love it but I knew I needed to step away from iBlog because it didn’t feel geniune. 

I have many ideas of what I want to do, mostly starting YouTube, but I want it all to be truly me. 

Real Talk. 



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