Daily Prompt: Learning

Before I start, I want to apologize if this post is a bit scattered. I’m having a tough day today but I wanted to get at least one post done and out because it’s been like a thousand years since I posted anything.

via Daily Prompt: Learning

I know this a dead horse that I won’t stop beating but I think it’s something that is interesting to talk about…Getting older means learning new things. It means learning what it is that you really like. And learning what you really don’t like.

I used to like extravagant things. I used to live a decadent life. I was so dumb when I was younger. I used to not care about things like money and I cared more about my clothes and what I looked like and what food I ate. I would spend dumb amounts of money on stupid shit. I hate my younger self for that. Growing up means learning.

Now I like the less extravagant. I prefer relaxing nights in rather than going to a bar or a dubstep show. I would rather not wear makeup than spend hours in front of the mirror doing my hair and makeup.

I’ve learned that I really like fishing, reading books and going to the gym. When I was younger, like in my teens, things like that did not excite me. I liked spending stupid money on going to LA every other weekend and getting drunk.

But growing up means learning. Learningn that being an adult is not all about frivilous spending and binge drinking. It’s about quality over quantity. It doesnt matter that you have 10,000 friends on Facebook or how many likes you got on your Instagram photo. It’s that quality of your life. Fuck everything else, if you’re not living the life you want to, then grow up and get your shit together and notice what makes you really happy.

Growing up means learning.

Learning is growing up.




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