I love my new job

I know I’m still in that honeymoon phase where everything is roses and gold, but I’m still so happy. 

My last job was so hard and not in the rewarding and fun way. Let me just tell you that I’m rubbish at sales. I was great as a sales associate at my various other jobs- when there was no commission involved. But that little extra bit was the worst. And the fact that I didn’t feel comfortable telling people that a tablet (that is of no use to them and is going to cost an arm and a leg) is worth getting because it’s “free.” I constantly told my superiors that I felt like a used car salesman, which is not a good thing to say because that makes it seem like I was slinging shit product. It wasn’t. I use it. My family does. A lot of people do. I just sometimes felt like I was misleading customers and felt guilty. Especially to my regulars. I never once lied to them and would often laugh with them at my proposterous proposals. 

I was really good, am really good, at making people happy and creating good raport with people (customers). It was my favorite part of the job- being able to make people happy and making friends along the way. I miss those people a lot because I was so invested in their lives. I still will keep in touch with the ones I’ve collected on Facebook though. 

But with this new job….I get to do something I really like (watching people gamble) and I can talk to people all the time! Plus I can read and write posts between customers. My store is fairly slow so I’m hoping to get to write more often. I do have to be careful because I’m not really supposed to be on my phone all the time but I get all my chores done early so I can relax and help customers throughout the day more. 

It’s a very fun job and such a change of pace from my last job that I’m just ecstatic. 

I don’t have anything helpful to share other than just keep grinding till you find something that you love and it will make it all worth it!



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