Boy oh boy

I cannot even begin to describe how sorry I am for my lack of posts. Let me update you a bit on my life…

So I got a job! I work at a local penny-slot location and I absolutely love it. I still only make minimum wage but for WAY less work than what I was doing at my other job for the same pay. Plus I get tips. Which is nice!

We’re still living at the farm and we actually have extended our stay by another week! I am so excited to stay longer and spend more time with my favorite kid ever. M is still diligently looking for work and has a few leads which is very exciting! I’m so proud of him for not giving up. 

Today I want to talk to you about someone else I’m proud of and even someone I look up to: my younger sister. Yeah, you heard me right, I said younger. My sister is such an incredible young woman full of passion and life! She has always been incredibly responsible and so unlike her older sister. She graduated college and is now going on to get her teaching credentials. 

Even as a young teenager, she always worked hard, holding as many as 3-4 jobs at a time. I don’t know anyone who had that determination at such a young age. My Mimzy (long story but it’s what we call each other) has great credit and a good head on her shoulders. 

There’s a 5 year age difference between us and I’m not going to lie to you, we did not always get along. I think I was used to being an only child and I tend to lose my temper easily so she got on my nerves quite often. But as soon as she hit high school, everything changed. I became the protective older sibling I was always meant to be. 

As I now am in school myself, I wish I was as driven as my sister. She has always pushed herself to be her very best, and I wish I had her enthusiasm!

One thing I will say is that she obviously gets her sense of humor from her older sister. I mean, who do you know funnier than me?

I love my sister more than most people and, even though we don’t talk often (time and distance separate us), she will always be my Mimzy. 

Who do you look up to most? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter or Instagram @iblog1988



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