My favorite YouTube people!!

I wanted to get this post out early today because my parents are coming in this afternoon and I’m gonna want to spend time with them. Also, I probably won’t be getting a post out tomorrow because they will be here until Thursday and I don’t know when I’m going to see them again 😦

I wanted to have a chance to talk about my favorite YouTube people, because they have changed my life. OK that sounds super fucking cheesy, but it’s kinda true. I was super bored at work and had just gotten the go-ahead by my doctor to sit between customers because of my pain and decided to just fart around YouTube. I started by just watching some random videos and then stumbled onto some makeup tutorials. This eventually snow-balled into me being semi addicted to watching these videos. Like I would watch these guys do makeup or their vlogs over watching Netflix sometimes.

So I wanted to give you guys a rundown of my favorite people to watch!

  • Carli Bybel: I told one of my old coworkers that I had started watching makeup tutorials and she immediately told me that I needed to watch this girl. That she was amazing and that I was going to love her. Well she wasn’t wrong! I became obsessed watching this girl’s videos and I was sad when I basically caught up on all her videos. So I had to go on the hunt for more videos and people to watch!! She also is the only person on YouTube that I own their palette.


  • Manny MUA: Shortly after I started watching Carli, I stumbled onto Manny. The first video I watched of his had my rolling on the floor laughing. He’s the funniest make-up guy for sure. He is fantastic at doing make-up too, he’s honestly better than most girls that I know. Plus, I love what he’s doing for other men like him, him and Patrick Starrr are paving the way for some changes that are super exciting!


  • Patrick Starrr: I found Patrick through Manny’s videos and obviously I thought he was incredible too. I’ll be honest, he can be a bit much for my taste sometimes but I still enjoy his tutorials because he has similar sink problems to me so it’s not to know how to deal with that.


  • Casey Holmes: I’m pretty sure I stumbled upon her by random and I am so fucking glad that I did because she is like, the best. She has some skin issues that I have too so I get a lot of tips from her. She has a vlog channel that I’m obsessed with! Her and her boyfriend are so cute and I love watching her vlogs because she does a lot and she has adorable dogs. She just has a great personality that I enjoy a lot.


  • Kathleen Lights: This girl. First of all, she reminds me of my sister so much, she’s crazy and wild and hilarious just like my little sister. Second, she has great taste in makeup; she doesn’t have the same skin type as me but she is on the paler side so I can get a lot of tips from her. I don’t watch her vlogs but her snapchats are hilarious.


  • Laura Lee: This is a new one that I started watching recently. She has a super twangy accent that I just love plus she’s like super funky. She recently came out with a pallet that I’m dying to have (once I start wearing makeup again aka when I go back to work).


  • Eleventh Gorgeous: OK so Tracy and Stephanie are sister and I haven’t seen them do a tutorial yet but they mostly do like unboxing and hauls. It’s still interesting to see what they get and I like those types of videos more sometime because it’s like I get to live vicariously through the people who can afford to buy all this makeup!


  • Leigh Ann Says: Another new one that I started watching recently but I have fallen for quickly. I haven’t watched a tutorial (and I don’t even know if she has one) but I like her monthly favorites. She has a vlog channel, but only one is in my “Watch Later” on YouTube and I’m excited to watch and see how it goes.


  • Jaclyn Hill: OK. I really like watching her videos but sometimes she can be a bit much. But I think that’s part of her appeal, being kind of wacky and weird. She has a lot of the same mental health issues that I do so its nice to see that she’s doing something with her life. She does have FANTASTIC makeup tutorials though! Like she is a queen when it comes to putting on makeup. I don’t like her vlogs all that much but I do like her hauls and tutorials. She is incredibly talented.


  • Marlena (Makeup Geek): So the creator/founder or whatever of Makeup Geek has a YouTube channel that I absolutely adore! She is funny, she is wise, and she has great style. I actually get a lot of my hair inspiration (style-wise, I wish I could pull off the purple) from her. She is so talented and has created such a revolutionary brand. I look up to her. What I love about her channel is that she doesn’t just talk about her makeup line; she offers options and talks about different brands that she likes that aren’t hers! She spends her own money on these other brands because that’s what the industry should be about- support not hate.


  • The Sorry Girls: I literally just started watching these videos like…. last week. They have a variety of subjects that they talk about and honestly I don’t watch them for any makeup that they may talk about. But they have a lot of DIY stuff and I dig that heavy style. I plan on doing some of their projects and talking about them in the future on my blog for sure!


  • Nicole Guerriero: OK. I saved the best for last. This girl…I can’t even. She is my NUMBER ONE FAVORITE YOUTIBE PERSON I CAN’T EVEN. But I can odd! (haha). But seriously. I can’t even tell you all the ways that I adore this woman. She’s a good friend of Carli Bybel. At first I didn’t want to watch her videos because I thought she looked like a straight up bitch, but I finally ran out of videos to watch and was like “ah I’ll give her a chance.” Boy am I glad that I did that! She’s hilarious, beautiful, talented, and really entertaining. I love watching both her vlogs and her makeup tutorials. I just can’t get enough. She’s awesome and I HIGHLY recommend watching her videos.


So that’s my roundup. Shit, I didn’t realize that I like that many people on YouTube…Sorry for the long post guys!

Do you have any favorite YouTube peeps? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter or Instagram @iblog1988.



3 thoughts on “My favorite YouTube people!!”

  1. Oh my gosh we have very similar taste in YouTube loves!! I’m totally in love with KathleenLights she’s my favourite! I’m surprised not to see NikkieTutorials though! Is she just not one of your favs? As I’m sure you must have stumbled across her!!!

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    1. Yeah I have watched her before, and I do like her, she’s just not one of the people I watch like ALL the time lol. I like that she has a paler complexion like me lol

      Liked by 1 person

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