Carefree? That’s Not Me…


Right now, you would think my life is carefree. I haven’t been to work in almost 2 months and I’ve been living in a campground for the last few weeks. It is pretty nice not having any real responsibilities (I have a commitment to post at least once a day for you guys) but it’s far from carefree.

I guess in comparison to other people who work all the time and have like a family and shit, my life is “carefree” but to me – not so much. I have so much that I need to worry about: money, school, work, bills, etc.

Everyday, I get up and stress about what I’m doing that day. Most days we run errands (having a small fridge means we grocery shop more) and go somewhere that has wifi and spend a while there. Some days I have doctors appointments, some days I have nothing. The last two days I’ve actually been under the weather so I haven’t really done much. Plus we’re in a severe heat warning or something like that. It’s like 92 out but feels like 115.

Everyday I stress about when I’m going to go back to work. I’ve been applying to jobs like crazy even though I’m not really allowed to go back to work until mid-August. I haven’t gotten a paycheck in almost a month. I don’t want to complain about that too much because I have a lot of support, and a lot of people are weird about money. I’ve never had a problem talking about money, but that’s just me.

Like I said before, compared to other people that I do have a more carefree life. I get to go fishing pretty much whenever I want. I can nap anytime of the day. I don’t have to be asleep or awake at any particular time. I have started 4 books and finished 2 books in less than 2 weeks (one I finished in less than 24 hours). And finally, I don’t have to work.

Wow, I really sound like I’m trying to rub this all in, I swear I’m not. And now that I’m looking back at that list, maybe I am living carefree…?

I think I need to lay down…lol (oh my god I did it again…)


Edit: Sorry for being all over the place in this post. I think I’m trying to make up for not being really present that much this week but I’m trying too hard. I think I’m gonna take the next few days off unless I feel better soon.



3 thoughts on “Carefree? That’s Not Me…”

  1. You’re not all over the place. I love this post because it shows everyone has worries of their own, no matter how carefree their lives might seem.
    Comparing ourselves to others will only make us miserable.. Don’t feel like you are obliged to feel less pain because other people have it worse. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Nice piece 🙂

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