Writing Space: The World Tour

Since we’ve moved, I haven’t updated where I blog from. Come to think of it, I never even mentioned where I was blogging from in the old house, but I suppose it’s a bit late for that. I don’t think the new people, while they seemed very nice, would enjoy a total stranger taking a picture in their living room of where my loveseat used to be. So I guess I’ll Just show y’all the new spot that I write from now. To be honest, most of the posts that have come out in the last few weeks have been from either Starbucks or from a local library (there’s two and they’re both AMAZING) or basically anywhere that has free wifi…so this post might be longer than expected.


First and foremost, the place that I enjoy writing the most is right here, in my dinette, looking out at the lake. It’s comfortable and there’s a sort of peacefulness that you get from looking out at the water when you’re stuck looking for a word. Sometimes, when M isn’t around, I like to slink down into my seat and put my feet on his side. That’s mostly when I’m on Pinterest though because, let’s be honest here, no one needs to be super focused when they’re browsing Pinterest. When I write at home- err- the trailer, I typically have a beverage in hand (preferably these iced coffees, but more on those next month…wiiiiink) and most of the time I have music playing. I’m heavy into my Spotify account and I’m curating a few playlists that I hope to share with you guys in the future. I don’t really have a preference as far as time of day goes for writing; my creativity strikes at weird times. It always has, I recently had an assignment in English to write about my writing process and my editing process. This was interesting for me because I’ve never been the type of person who likes to write rough drafts of papers- I’m more “shoot from the hip” than “write read revise.” It got me in to trouble when I was younger because I had to turn in roughs even though I’m not the kind of person who needs one. So back to this assignment for class; the teacher actually asked if he could use my paper in future classes because I have such a unique way of writing that he (being from middle of nowhere Illinois) had ever seen before. Every post I read about “What You Should Do Before You Hit Publish” said that going over and reading what you wrote was something of epic importance, but that’s just not my style…


Whoa, I got waaayyy off topic there and I’m sorry. That’s another quirk about my writing style, it’s like…typing vomit, yanno, like word vomit from Mean Girls? I can’t stop typing once I start. I’ve always had that conversational tone to my writing, which is going to be very hard to overcome seeing as how I’m hoping to major in English (with a minor in Environmental Studies). Yes, I’m 28 and I still don’t have a college degree yet. But I did just complete my freshman year in college and I have to say that I loved it. And I got a 3.6 all while working full-time. But that’s a whole other post in its own.

The other places that I write are sporadic. It all depends on where we (M and I) feel like going that day. Some days it’s Starbucks and some days it’s the library. Once, it was even a diner.

018ef94576e904419474407ba1162faa19b5d3a222*OK there’s a story behind the name….and yes, it was hilarious when they called out 2 cold brews for a-hole*

But my second favorite place to write is Starbucks. Which I know is cliché and it makes me throw up a little because I’m one of those people who *goes to Starbucks to write in their blog* (imagine I’m saying that in a super pretentious voice). But I can see why people like going there to get work done. I’ve gotten a few post written there before and it only cost one Venti Iced Caramel Macchiato with Coconut Milk and a Lemon Loaf. God. I am pretentious…In all honesty though, it is a great place to get work done. Though I rarely am without headphones, their music is nice to work to and it smells like coffee all the time. It gives me a chance to catch up on my people watching too, a favorite past time of mine. But I sometimes change my screen so that people who walk behind me can’t see that I’m just a another cliché. I do it for that and because most of the time I’m watching my long list of “Watch Later” videos on YouTube, which is also a whole other post in itself.


Lastly, M and I like to spend some days at the local libraries. There is one right down the street from the RV park that is home for a few more weeks and the other is a short drive away. The one closest to us is my personal favorite because they have these sweet desks that are the perfect size for getting work done. Plus its super close to home. The other library is a little more uncomfortable for me only because they don’t really have tables for you to do your work on, unless you go into the “Quiet Room” to work. Which is fine if it’s just us, but with other people in there, I’m afraid that I’m going to like, break the rules or something.


Like I said, I prefer to write at home, but I can write anywhere. I’ve started posts on my phone while I was walking around Walmart and finished them the next day at Starbucks. I can write anywhere because it is my passion.


Do you guys have a favorite place to write? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter or Instagram @iblog1988


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