June Favorites!

Good morning everyone! Today is going to be the first ever installment of my monthly favorites. This will cover anything from make-up to food to my favorite fishing lure, so there will be quite a variety of things!

This month, as most of you know, was spent moving so this probably wasn’t the best month for me to start a monthly favorites but I couldn’t wait another month!

Because we were moving, a lot of our appliances were packed away and we were cutting down on what we had in the fridge (AKA my ice cold juice and my half&half) so I had a lot of improvising to do.

The Favorites:

My first favorite is the Taster’s Choice Hazelnut instant coffee sticks. I know a lot of people don’t like instant coffee all that much but its something special that M and I share. When we first started dating, all we drank was instant because his roommate broke the coffee maker and we are very lazy. What I love most about this particular type of instant coffee is that you don’t really need any sweetener with is because it has a flavor built in! Same goes for needing half&half which I normally use for cooling the coffee and not really altering the flavor (I used ice cubes during the move) but you can totally drink this black.

Next on my list is another powdered drink. M bought me these SimplyLight iced tea (peach flavored) individual packets. All you have to do is add them to water and mix. These were a perfect pick-me-up for the last few days in the house when we literally had nothing in the fridge to drink but we had water and ice cubes. Don’t get me wrong, water is my favorite beverage of all time, but sometimes a little flavor is nice.

The next favorite is VERY important to me, both my father and M’s mother have had skin cancer so protecting my skin is very important to me. Now that being said, in last night’s post I did mention that I was burnt to a crisp. I was at my friends farm, outside playing with her son, running around with the dogs and I guess the sunscreen I used (it was an off brand that they had, mine was in storage) was not very strong because I am burnt in very weird places. Anyways, the Banana Boat SunComfort in SPF 50 is my personal favorite. I personally like using a spray version over the traditional lotion because I feel I have a bit more accuracy and I can spray my own back when M isn’t around. It is incredibly important to protect your skin from the suns harmful rays.

This favorite is also important to me (OK they all are important) but for a whole different reason. Recently, I’ve been having some trouble sleeping. I don’t know if its that I’m so stressed that I’m having trouble relaxing or that M has been snoring like crazy but I find myself restless at night. So I discovered the Sleep With Me Podcast (available online, on iTunes, Android, and Spotify). I honestly can’t even tell you what happens throughout the podcast because I always fall asleep like 20 mins in (MAX). The dude who performs it has the most soothing voice ever. And he talks about the most random stuff so you don’t spend too much time thinking about what he’s saying. It’s amazing. I HIGHLY recommend this podcast for anyone who has trouble sleeping.

So I know I’m kinda bouncing around a little here, its my first time, but the next favorite is something I bought when I realized that all of my lotion was packed away in storage and I had no lotion for the rest of the stay at our house and then moving forward in the trailer. Not only does the Vasoline Intensive Care with Aloe Soothe moisturize your skin to quenched bliss, it smells phenomenal. I have a good feeling that this is going to be the first lotion that I actually use until it’s empty.

Speaking of aloe, M and I have had this aloe plant for a while now but we’re like really bad plant parents and neglected this plant along with about 5 others until those ones died. Luckily the aloe plant is a dry climate plant so it can survive without water. Well so I through the dead ones away and have been saving this little guy one day at a time. He seems to be doing just fine now, I removed the dead branches (?) because they were oozing brown stuff. I don’t know if I’m really actually saving this plant or just prolonging it’s death…maybe I should get on Pinterest…I digress.

My last favorite for the month of June is of course a sweet treat! This Funnel Cake mix that M got at Aldi. I couldn’t link it from their website so I found it on Amazon. I think he paid a lot less for it than what Amazon has it listed for. Now I haven’t used this one just yet, but to me summer means funnel cake and I can’t wait to make my own!

Well I hope everyone enjoyed the first installment of my monthly favorites! Next time I will post them closer to the end of the month but with the move and the weekend on the farm, it was a bit hectic!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!


*None of the links above are affiliates and all opinions are my own*


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