I hate cleaning…

Moving means cleaning. Lots and lots of cleaning. The goal was to be out of the second floor of the house, but that’s where our shower is so that was completely unrealistic.

Since we have to be out of the house by tomorrow afternoon I started cleaning this morning. I started with the bathroom, but because of my lovely lady time I have/had a migraine I had to stop plus my hip had been bothering me pretty bad.

Anyways so I fell asleep for a few hours and woke up still not feeling better but not as bad as I was before. So I had a snack and got back to cleaning. The bathroom is still not done because we both need to shower so I prepped the tub to be cleaned and I have to mop still.

The landlord is gonna be here late tomorrow afternoon so we have time tomorrow morning to clean the living room, dinning room, and kitchen which are the last things that need to be touched.

Once the move is done and we’re settled into the trailer at my friends farm, I want to give my tips on moving! So keep an eye out for that one! Our trailer has a lovely writing nook that M said would be perfect for my blogging which was the first time that he like mentioned that I blog. I thought it was kinda sweet lol.



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