Good Morning my lovelies!!! I have been having a very rough past few days with my recovery from my surgery and my head problems. So I am very sorry that I have no been posting.

But I’m feeling a little better day, still super anxious for no reason, but ready to post again.

Since I’ve been on my leave of absence, I haven’t worn makeup because, why would I waste makeup when I spend most of my days inside and when I do go out, its for like an hour. Plus its been balls hot and humid. I knew I wasn’t going to be wearing makeup before I had my surgery so I figured that while I’m off work would be the best time to get my skincare down pat.

I don’t do too much as far as skincare goes but I just thought if anyone else out there has oily, porous skin like me then maybe this could help!

In my shopping haul I talked about the Garnier products that I got that I’m in love with. So obvs I’m gonna talk about them.

Basically what I do every morning is use the face wipes to “wash” my face (I can’t actually wash my face unless I’m in the shower because I can’t bend over). So I use the wipes to just get the grease off that seems to grow on my face every night……Then I use my Cetaphil DermaControl Moisturizer (SPF 30) to give myself some sun protection as well as give myself some miniaturization. I think that the more oil you take away, then the more oil your face produces.

Before my surgery I would use the Ulta version of the clarisonic with my Clean& Clear cleanser which was amazing for getting all the gunk out of my face.

My night-time routine is a little different depending on if I shower or not, which I usually do cause its summertime in the Midwest meaning its humid af. So last night while I was showering, I decided to just switch it up and I think it makes a lot of sense for what I did.

Usually I would wash my face while I shampoo my hair then exfoliate after while the conditioner sits. BUUUUUUT I thought last night it would make more sense to scrub first and get that first layer of gross off THEN use the cleanser. I don’t know how much of a difference in the long run that its going to make but my skin felt super smooth after the shower.

So basically that’s what I do for my skincare. I hope this helps anyone who, like I said, has oily skin.

If you guys have any skincare products that you love, please let me know!!

*None of these posts are affiliate posts, I just enjoy these products*


3 thoughts on “Skincare!!”

  1. Great post! Some great tips, I suffer from poor health and I’m in a wheelchair at the moment so hardly wear makeup at the moment but trying to take care of my skin, so thank you! And I hope your feeling better soon!


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