Just wanted to share with you guys my favorite snack! 

1)Apple slices (I believe these are gala apples?) I like to slice them super small so that I feel like I’m eating more food when really it’s just the same. 

2)Cherries! I recently became OBSESSED with cherries. They’re so perfect to just snack on while you’re browsing the interwebs doing what you do. Beware of the pits though! I usually bring a paper towel with me to wipe the juice on but I forgot it and I’m wearing black leggings that need to be washed anyways. 

Ok! Just wanted to pop in real quick. Having a really lazy Sunday. M hurt his knee playing hockey this morning (he’s been needing surgery on it but was waiting till after mine) so we’ve just been relaxing in the living room watching tv (I’m doing some work on the computer). We went out to lunch with a friend to our favorite Mexican restaurant to catch up and then came home. It’s a much needed relaxing day for both of us. I hope everyone else had a fantastic Sunday as well! 



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