First outing!

Today was AMAZING! M and I have been so stressed out with the upcoming move, my surgery, packing the house, etc. that we needed a day like today.

First of all, its gorgeous out. 90 degrees with like 50% humidity, not clouds. Just perfect.

So M took me on a surprise adventure! It was even more exciting because it was my first adventure since I had my back surgery 2 and half weeks ago.

First we went to the movies, which was nice because the last time that we went to the movies was when Deadpool was in theaters and we bought this refillable popcorn bucket that’s like a year locked in price of a $4 fill. We’ve used it twice…

I digress.

So we saw Now You See Me 2! I was so excited because we loved the first one so much. And I am pleased to inform you that while there are some weird parts, its very worth seeing. And I think there might even be a third one coming out!!

After the movie I called my parents who had gone to a casino a few towns over to see if they wanted to meet up. While we waited for them, we went to a penny slot place just to see how they were. M and I LOVE casinos so we were curious. I ended up winning $128! Plus I had a good time hanging out with my folks and M.

Since we were right next to the grocery store, I figured with my new money maybe we should pick up a few things since we were running out.

Now we’re home. Back in AC. I have ice on my back and M is going through all our DVR stuff. I have some social media stuff I need to work on but then relaxing for the rest of the night.

I just wanted to tell everyone how fantastic my day was and how needed it was.

I hope everyone else had just as fantastic of a day that we had!



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