A lot of my friends, and I mean a lot, are regretting growing up. Which I know sounds funny because it’s not like it’s something you can avoid. But I can sympathize with them.

Theres all the bills that you have to pay. Rent. Tv (or Hulu or Netflix). Internet. Insurance. Cell phone. And that’s just the beginning with it. There’s food that you have to buy, stuff that you need to cook it with, somewhere you need to sit and eat it at. Everything costs money.

And how does one get all this money you ask? By getting a job or three. I’m lucky to have a job but it’s not one that’s going to pay well (my company got bought out by another company and their pay structure is horrific). Plus we need to move anyways so for now lets just say I’m jobless. I’ve looked into stuff that I might be able to do from home, but of course I’m not qualified (more on that later).

It’s just a frustrating thing being an adult. So I do. I regret growing up. I love that I have a sweet loving bf (whom I would not have met had I now grown up) and I love having my independence. But it comes with a price. I hate that I had to grow up.

I just spent 5 hours apply for 2 jobs. It was so exhausting that I’m going to lay down for a nap. I was not prepared whatsoever for how hard it was going to be. My body physically hurts from this process.

It’s pathetic how hard it is to find a job. Even harder if you made the mistake that I did and didn’t go to college right out of high school. If I could go back in time and go to school right out of high school, I would. I would have done it right. I wouldn’t be this 28 year old woman sitting in the back of the class being taught by someone the same age as me or even younger.

Anyways, I wish I had some life tips on being an adult to give everyone, but I don’t because I’m not there yet. I’m still a kid living an adults life. Maybe that’s my problem…



2 thoughts on “Regret”

  1. I am also a kid living an adult life. Sigh. Growing up comes with a lot of responsibilities. Sometimes I wish I can turn back time😔


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