Frank the ugly fish

Last night I had the worst migraine of my life. I can say that because I’ve never thrown up from a migraine but I did last night. Twice. I scared M because in the 3+ years we’ve been together he’s never seen me throw up. It was awful. I hated it. I barely slept last night. I wanted to get a few posts written in advance today so that I can focus on my resume and job hunting for the rest of the week but that didn’t happen. I’ve been in bed all day. When you’re stuck like that, having an outlet for your mind can help a lot. I’m not a very good artist but I’ve always enjoyed drawing, writing, painting, and some other crafting. I get the creative bug from my mom. 

Aaaannnnyyways I’m rambling because I’ve had like zero human interaction today. So I drew this ugly fish. I want to send the picture to one of those places that turns photos into stuffed animals. I have another project that I’m working on right now but it is extremely personal so I’m waiting until it’s done and I’m ready. 

Ok. I’m gonna go back to watching Tiny House, Big Living. 



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